Who Gained the Most Twitter Followers in 2013?

Jan 17, 2014

Last week, we brought you the year in Twitter according to Illinois’ five contenders for governor. Now we’re taking a look at how many new followers each candidate gained in 2013, from May to December.

  • Bruce Rauner, who created his Twitter account earlier this year, went from having 735 followers in May to 2,787 by the middle of December (a 279 percent increase).
  • Gov. Pat Quinn and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford started out the year with a fairly large number of followers, since they’re already in state-level public offices. Their percent increases were therefore the smallest — Quinn saw a 43 percent increase and Rutherford increased his numbers by 26 percent.
  • Kirk Dillard and Bill Brady also saw large jumps in numbers between May and December. Dillard had the largest percent increase of all the candidates, going from 302 followers in May to 1,320 in December (a 337 percent increase). Brady jumped from 2999 followers to 6,290 followers — a 110 percent increase.
The chart below shows how the candidates’ numbers of Twitter followers increased in 2013.


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