13 movies watched by Treasurer Dan Rutherford while on treadmill

Mar 09, 2014

Illinois state treasurer Dan Rutherford likes to tweet. A lot. He tweets about his car rides home, the pizza he ate for dinner (his preferred toppings are green peppers and sausage, if you were wondering), the precise amount of how much it cost to fill up his campaign van’s gas tank … oh, and he tweets about running for governor of the state of Illinois. But one thing that he really, really seems to love talking about on Twitter is his morning jog on the treadmill, which he does while watching movies.

Here are 13 movies Rutherford has watched during his morning treadmill sessions. What will he watch next??

The Postman

The Postman

postman tweet


The Jerk

The Jerk

the jerk tweet




argo tweet



Dumb and Dumber

dumb and dumber

dumb and dumber tweet


The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers

blues brothers


The Bounty

the bounty

the bounty tweet




stripes tweet


Liar Liar

liar liar

liar liar tweet


The General’s Daughter

General's Daughter

general's daughter tweet



Bowfinger and Battlefield Earth

bowfinger battlefield earth battlefield earth and bowfinger tweet


Men of Honor

men of honor

men of honor




tombstone tweet



Rutherford’s been busy tweeting, but he’s also running for governor. Check out the gubernatorial candidates’ responses to our questionnaire.

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