Here's The 25 Illinois Counties With The Highest Median Property Taxes

Mar 10, 2014

How high are your The chart below contains the top 25 median >Property taxes and home valuschool district in which you live will be the greatest factor in the amount of >

Despite these asterisks, the chart below gives a good thumbnail sketch of what it costs to live in various parts of a very diverse state.

Top 25 Property Taxes in Illinois

[Originally published: Sept. 26, 2013]

How is Illinois doing on education? Not so well, according to the report card issued by education advocacy group Advance Illinois. This infographic sums it up.

What’s the state of Illinois schools?

All students deserve to get a great education. Head over to Sound Off and tell your legislators!

Here are just a few things we love about Illinois. 

Only in Illinois: Civic Federation report has something for both Dems and GOP to hate



Home ownership carries a tremendous amount of responsibility. Maintaining a home can often be a labor of love, but it is a labor nonetheless. Here in Illinois, homeowners not only have to contend with the usual problems of home ownership such as bad appliances, leaking roofs, flooding basements and other home repair problems, but they also have to deal with the second highest >

That’s right. Illinois has the The average >

We are overdue for Last spring there were proposals on the table to implement a progressive income tax increase in Illinois, create a separate tax for higher income taxpayers and make the “temporary” income tax hike of 2011 permanent.  Thankfully, the Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate were not able to push through their radical tax hike agenda last spring.  However, while they were unveiling one income tax hike proposal after another, many taxpayers across Illinois were left wondering if they were going to have to sell their homes because the cost of their >

Homeowners need some relief and they need it soon. Last year, I was able to push through a new law (HB 983) that will help prevent local governments from issuing bonds for bad projects that could result in higher >

The best option would be for the Democratic leaders in the House and the Senate to get behind my legislation (HB 95) that would freeze all >

Property taxes will continue to rise in Illinois if we keep ignoring the problem. Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away. We are inching our way toward being known as the state with the highest >

There are 7,000 units of local government in Illinois and we need to start consolidating those that are unnecessary.  We cannot continue on our current path. The taxpayers of Illinois deserve some relief. It is time for the General Assembly to listen to the concerns of our citizens and provide real >

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