List of residential property tax rates in Illinois by county

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Mar 13, 2014

If you’re a property tax payer, you know that today’s chart is a bit deceptive. A low property tax rate doesn’t translate to a low property tax bill if you live in a place — like many parts of Cook County — with high property value. Likewise, some of the higher rates are in counties where property values are low.

And, of course, with schools in Illinois heavily dependent on local property taxes for much of their funding, the school district in which you live plays a major role in the size of your property tax bill.

Still, this gives a basic idea of what you’d pay per $100,000 in property in the 50 counties with the highest and lowest property tax rates in Illinois.

Highest&lowest property tax rates

Highest&lowest property tax rates2

[Originally Published October 3, 2013]


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