Top 10 lowest unemployment rates in Illinois: Doing work in the North Shore

Mar 21, 2014

Every month the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) rolls out unemployment figures for Illinois towns and cities. While the January 2014 figures were delayed in being released, we now have the ten cities in Illinois with the lowest unemployment rates. For some perspective, the current unemployment rate for the state of Illinois is 8.7 percent. Some cities have unemployment rates much higher than that. But not the cities below. They’re doing swell.

top 10 jan lowest unemployment rates

Jobs, jobs and more jobs is one of the themes of this election year. Read more about jobs-related content on our website. We’ve got some links for your viewing pleasure below:

Check out the ten worst cities for unemployment in Illinois in January

The minimum wage hike train is starting to roll in the Illinois legislature

Which companies in Illinois are growing? 

House Speaker Mike Madigan wants a millionaires’ tax for school funding

Here are video highlights of Madigan’s press conference about the millionaire tax.

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Mar 05, 2015

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