Gassed by high prices at the pump? You may live in one of these 10 states

Mar 25, 2014

Complaining about high gas prices is a common pastime, especially in the Chicagoland area where gas prices are always among the highest in the nation. But does that translate into gas prices across Illinois being among the nation’s highest when it is broken down by states?

Yes, yes it does.

In a report from USA Today, the ten states with the highest average price per gallon are listed. We break them down for you below with the average price per gallon, the tax per gallon and a brief blurb from USA Today’s write-up on each state.

All prices are from AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge report.

10. Pennsylvania

– Price per gallon: $3.64

– Tax per gallon: 41.8 cents

“Limited access to cheap crude and high taxes may be factors contributing to the relatively high gas prices.”


9. Maine

– Price per gallon: $3.64

– Tax per gallon: 30.0 cents

“Unlike most of the states where drivers pay the most for gas, Maine’s gasoline taxes are relatively in line with the rest of the nation. Likely contributing to the high gas prices in Maine is the state’s distance from much of the nation’s oil infrastructure.”


8. Indiana

– Price per gallon: $3.66

– Tax per gallon: 38.7 cents

“Drivers in Indiana pay some of the nation’s highest gas taxes — amounting to 38.7 cents per gallon on average in state taxes alone as of January.”


7. Michigan

– Price per gallon: $3.72

– Tax per gallon: 39.1 cents

“Gas prices in Michigan have improved slightly since reaching a high of $4.20 per gallon last year, but drivers in the state are still feeling the pain at the pump.”


6. Illinois

– Price per gallon: $3.76

– Tax per gallon: 39.1 cents

“Illinois residents currently pay $3.76 per gallon of gas, with prices reaching more than $3.90 per gallon in the Chicago metro area.”


5. Connecticut

– Price per gallon: $3.77

– Tax per gallon: 49.3 cents

“One factor contributing to the state’s high gas prices is the fact that the state imports all of its gasoline from other states, or from abroad.”


4. New York

– Price per gallon: $3.78

– Tax per gallon: 49.6 cents

“Like Connecticut, New York gas prices are driven in part by the state’s high taxes. Residents can expect to pay nearly 50 cents per gallon in taxes, more than in any state in the country except for California.”


3. Alaska

– Price per gallon: $3.84

– Tax per gallon: 12.4 cents

“As of the start of the year, residents paid just 12.4 cents per gallon in state taxes, the lowest of any state in America. Additionally, Alaska is a major producer of oil, with nearly 188 million barrels produced in 2013, more than all but three other states.”


2. California

– Price per gallon: $3.97

– Tax per gallon: 52.5 cents

“The state also has more stringent standards than the federal government for reformulating gasoline, which adds another layer of costs to the price of gas.”


1. Hawaii

– Price per gallon: $4.17

– Tax per gallon: 49.1 cents

“Of course, Hawaii is further away from America’s oil production and refineries than anywhere else in the country. Its location leads to high prices for more than just gasoline.”

While all roads may lead to Illinois, you may not want to fill up in the Land of Lincoln. Part of it is because of the state’s gas tax. In the list of the ten states with the highest gas tax, Illinois makes an appearance. But we’re not in the top three states with the highest gas prices. Can you guess which states do? Check out the list here.

High gas prices are the norm in the modern world. It’s not just Illinois or the other states in the top ten…it’s everywhere. The cost of living is high in any state you live in. Illinois is not alone in that regard.

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