Illinois sales tax ranks No. 10 in U.S.

Mar 27, 2014

This week’s map shows the state sales tax rate, plus the average local rate, for each state as of January 1, 2014. This data comes from a new sales tax report we released today which will include each state’s maximum and average local sales tax rates, as well as each state sales tax rate.

Tennessee has the highest average combined rate at 9.45%, and is followed closely by Arkansas (9.19%) and Louisiana (8.89%). On the other end of the spectrum are states with no sales taxes: Oregon, Delaware, and New Hampshire.

Illinois sales tax

One thing that is important to remember here is that state and local tax rates are only part of the total sales tax story. Equally important are sales tax bases—what the tax applies to—which can have a palpable impact on how much the tax collects in revenue and how the tax effects the economy. In this regard, Hawaii is generally considered to have the broadest sales tax rate, as their “General Excise Tax” taxes many products multiple times in the production chain as opposed to just one time at the point of final consumption.

Which Illinois counties have the highest sales taxes? This list shows you.

Here’s a county-by-county breakdown of Illinois property taxes.

Taxes are the hot topic of this 2014 Paul Simon Public Policy Institute survey. Not surprisingly, people don’t like them.

Don’t just complain about taxes. Tell the people who can take action with our Sound Off tool. Send a message to your lawmakers in Springfield, Gov. Pat Quinn and the four leaders of the General Assembly in a few simple mouse clicks.

Here are video highlights of Mike Madigan’s press conference explaining his plan for a  “millionaire tax” to fund education.

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