If term limits were already in place in Illinois, who would be gone?

Mar 27, 2014

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has made term limits one of his four major campaign focuses. He’s pushing a message of “Eight years and you’re out.” That got us thinking. Which legislators would not be able to retain office following the November elections if Illinois already had an eight-year term limits law in effect? Essentially, which lawmakers have already served in either the House or the Senate for at least eight years?

These lawmakers definitely have.

Below is the list of Illinois lawmakers who will have served at least eight years in their respective legislative body by next January. It’s lengthy, but of course, this is Illinois.

Senators who would be out under term limits

Pamela J. Althoff (R-32nd)

Bill Brady (R-44th)

James F. Clayborne, Jr. (D-57th)

Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-16th)

John J. Cullerton (D-6th)

William Delgado (D-2nd)

Kirk W. Dillard (R-24th)

Gary Forby (D-59th)

Michael W. Frerichs (D-52nd)

William R. Haine (D-56th)

Don Harmon (D-39th)

Linda Holmes (D-42nd)

Mattie Hunter (D-3rd)

Mike Jacobs (D-36th)

David Koehler (D-46th)

Dan Kotowski (D-28th)

Kimberely A. Lightford (D-4th)

Terry Link (D-30th)

David S. Luechtefeld (R-58th)

Iris Y. Martinez (D-20th)

Antonio Muñoz (D-1st)

Matt Murphy (R-27th)

Michael Noland (D-22nd)

Christine Radogno (R-41st)

Kwame Raoul (D-13th)

Dale A. Righter (R- 55th)

Martin A. Sandoval (D-11th)

Ira I. Silverstein (D-8th)

John M. Sullivan (D-47th)

Donne E. Trotter (D-17th)

Total: 8 Republicans, 23 Democrats

Representatives who would be out under term limits

Edward J. Acevado (D-2nd)

Luis Arroyo (D-3rd)

Daniel V. Beiser (D-111th)

Patricia R. Bellock (R-47th)

Maria Antonia Berrios (D-39th)

Mike Bost (R-115th)

John E. Bradley (D-117th)

Dan Brady (R-105th)

Rich Brauer (R-87th)

Daniel J. Burke (D-1st)

Linda Chapa LaVia (D-83rd)

Fred Crespo (D-44th)

Tom Cross (R-97th)

Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25th)

John D’Amico (D-15th)

Monique D. Davis (D-27th)

William Davis (D-30th)

Kenneth Dunkin (D-5th)

Jim Durkin (R-82nd)

Sara Feigenholtz (D-12th)

Mary E. Flowers (D-31st)

La Shawn K. Ford (D-8th)

Mike Fortner (R-49th)

Jack D. Franks (D-63rd)

Esther Golar (D-6th)

Greg Harris (D-13th)

Elizabeth Hernandez (D-24th)

Naomi D. Jakobsson (D-103rd)

Charles E. Jefferson (D-67th)

Renée Kosel (R-37th)

Lou Lang (D-16th)

David R. Leitch (R-73rd)

Michael J. Madigan (D-22nd)

Frank J. Mautino (D-76th)

Michael P. McAuliffe (R-20th)

Bill Mitchell (R-101st)

Donald L. Moffitt (R-74th)

Elaine Nekritz (D-57th)

JoAnn D. Osmond (R-61st)

Brandon W. Phelps (D-118th)

Sandra M. Pihos (R-48th)

Raymond Poe (R-99th)

Robert W. Pritchard (R-70th)

Dennis M. Reboletti (R-45th)

David Reis (R-109th)

Al Riley (D-38th)

Robert Rita (D-28th)

Timothy L. Schmitz (R-65th)

Keith P. Sommer (R-88th)

Cynthia Soto (D-4th)

Ed Sullivan, Jr. (R-51st)

Jil Tracy (R-94th)

Michael W. Tryon (R-66th)

Patrick J. Verschoore (D-72nd)

Total: 24 Republicans, 31 Democrats

One thing to notice when looking at that list of legislators is it’s not just Democrats or Republicans – it’s both parties. Maybe it could be said career politicians is a bipartisan problem? Regardless, Rauner is pushing for bipartisan solutions to the problems in Springfield. And the push for term limits is a bipartisan effort, at least in this election. Not only did all four Republican candidates in the primary election favor term limits in some form, but Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat, has a history of supporting term limits and says it will improve Illinois government.

House Speaker Michael Madigan is one of the lawmakers on the list above. In fact, he’s served longer than anyone else. He made news recently with a millionaire tax proposal. Read more about that and about Bruce Rauner’s attempt to become the next Illinois governor by clicking on the links below.

See video highlights from Madigan’s press conference. 

Find out more about Madigan’s “millionaire tax.”

Bruce Rauner’s rise from unknown to Republican gubernatorial nominee was remarkable. Now comes the real work.

Rauner is recruiting big-name Democrats to support him as campaign season begins.

 Will “class warfare” be the defining term of the 2014 election? 

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