These Illinois cities spring to the top with the lowest unemployment rates

April 28, 2014

Illinois moved up from the second-worst unemployment rate in the nation to the third-worst in March, and the positive vibe was reflected in the unemployment rate data of some of the cities in the state as well. Below are the ten cities with the lowest unemployment rates from March according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES), and while they’re still higher than the unemployment rates of some states, they are on a whole lower than the rates from February.

top 10 lowest unemployment rates march

The lowered rates is also reflected in the ten highest unemployment rates for March, which saw improvement across the board over the unemployment rates for February, especially Round Lake Beach which once again had the highest unemployment rate in Illinois, but the rate came down a lot from February.

But while there was improvement from February to March, it isn’t enough to appease Illinoisans, one quarter of which believe Illinois is the worst state to live in the country.

It’s clear the state has work to do to get back on its feet. Can Springfield start down that path during the rest of the spring session?

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