These 25 Illinois counties have the highest average home values

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May 01, 2014

See the 25 Counties with the highest average home values below:

Top 10 Counties For Highest Average Home Value


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The average Illinois home price is very…average

By: Caitlin Wilson

Home values represent a lot of things: the desirability of a neighborhood, a life-longinvestment, a market health indicator (and how cool the house is), and Illinois home prices are no different. According to, a real estate listing and searching website, Illinois has the 27th-highest average listing price for houses on the market (at $300,332) out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as of May 28.

Listing prices do not tell the whole story of Proving that location, location, location really is important, Hawaii has the highest average listing price in the country at $997,981, followed closely by Washington, D.C. and then New York, California and Massachusetts. Iowa has the lowest average listing price at $184,931. Some of Illinois’ Midwestern neighbors round out the bottom 5–Ohio, Indiana, Kansas and Arkansas.

View an interactive map to see every states’ average list price and national rank here.

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