Top 10 Quotes From Corrupt Illinois Politicians: Part II

Jun 06, 2014

Sometimes a politician’s best speech comes on the witness stand. Here is an updated collection of quotes directly from corrupt Illinois politicians, or about them.

Quotes from Corrupt Illinois Politicians Part II

In case you are having a hard time seeing the image of quotes, here is a plain-text version below:

  1. “How is she going to get the cheddar to us?” –Rep. Derrick Smith, “cheddar” allegedly refers to a $7,000 bribe he wanted.
  2. “He’s doing a fastidious job…toothbrush doing wonders on a clogged drain…the inmate considers this part of his personal penance.” –Lawyer John Karoly about client Jesse Jackson Jr’s prison work.
  3. “Dec. 9, to my family, to us, to me, is what Pearl Harbor Day was to the United States.” –Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, speaking about the day he was arrested.
  4. “I want to make it a little inconvenient for everybody to get to me.”Jesse Jackson Jr., on why he wanted to prison in Alabama.
  5. “She even paid for a mariachi band at a horse show.” – U.S. Attorney Joseph Pederson on for what ex-Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell did with the $53 million she stole.
  6. “I stand before you today asking for mercy. I ask to continue to provide for my children.” –Former Ald. Sandi Jackson, at her tax fraud sentencing hearing.
  7. “The sexual exploitation of children is a serious problem with profound and devastating consequences for its victims.”– Former state Rep. Keith Farnham, now charged with having child pornography, in an old constituent newsletter.
  8. “He’s humble, he’s caring, he’s an honest person.” –Michael Shepherd, attorney for Blagojevich chief of staff Alonzo Monk, who also was convicted on corruption charges.
  9. “I feel wonderful. Freedom is such a precious thing, and now I have mine.” –Former Gov. George Ryan, after being released from prison in 2013.
  10. “I’m still the same Beavers: The hog with the big nuts,” -Former Cook County Commissioner William Beavers before sentencing on tax evasion charges.


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