What's the housing inventory in your county?

Jun 20, 2014

According to Zillow.com, a real estate listing and reporting website, there are about 150,000 homes for sale in Illinois as of June 2014. That breaks down to about one home for sale for every 86 people who live in the state. The state’s 25 most populous counties homes-for-sale per capita rates hover around the same mark, though most had more housing scarcity than the state as a whole.

Out of those top 25, Kendall County, the 16th most populous county in the state, has the most homes available to buy per capita. Adams County, which is the 22nd most populous county, has the least amount of homes available to buy per capita. Cook County, which is the most populous county in the state, is the 23rd most housing-for-sale available county in the state, and Whiteside County, the 25th most populous county in the state, is the 16th most housing-for-sale available county in the state.

The differing housing inventory throughout the state may say a lot of things about the individual counties. In counties that have low numbers of houses for sale based on the amount of people who live in that county, such as Cook or Adams Counties, more people may rent their homes, and so there is less demand for houses to buy. People who live in those counties may also be moving less–people are settled into their homes, and so there are less for sale. The numbers may also point to which counties have more people moving in and out of them. In counties such as Kendall and McHenry, there are more homes available per every person who lives there, so it is assumed that there are more people moving around within or to and from those counties.

Counties where there are more people per every home for sale may also see homes sell more quickly than counties where there are fewer people for every home for sale because there are fewer empty homes at any given time.

Houses for sale per capita for the top 25 most populous counties in Illinois. (All numbers are approximate and rounded to the nearest whole person, as houses are bought, sold and put on the market every day.)

All numbers are approximate, as houses are bought and put up for sale every day. Here are the numbers for how many people live in each county for every one house that is for sale there.

1. Kendall County: 76

2. Williamson County: 77

3. McHenry County: 80

4. LaSalle County: 84

5. Madison County: 88

6. Kankakee County: 95

7. Jackson County: 105

8. Will County: 108

9. Lake County: 109

10. Tazewell County: 110

11. Peoria County: 112

12. St. Clair County: 112

13. Kane County: 113

14. DeKalb County: 122

15. DuPage County: 126

16. Whiteside County: 128

17. McLean County: 130

18. Winnebago County: 131

19.  Sangamon County: 138

20. Champaign County: 139

21. Rock Island County: 164

22. Vermillion County: 166

23.Cook County: 170

24. Macon County: 270

25. Adams County: 300


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