21 best Illinois high schools that are "beating the odds"

Aug 19, 2015

Newsweek released its annual list of the 500 best U.S. high schools for 2015, which determines the high schools that best prepare its students for college. In conjunction with this list, however, Newsweek also released a list of high schools that are “beating the odds.

This term “beating the odds” describes high schools that prepare their students for college while at the same time overcoming obstacles posed by students at an economic disadvantage.

The following 21 Illinois schools are among the top 500 high schools in the nation labeled as “beating the odds” (their national ranks are labeled in parenthesis). Newsweek notes:

A “*” next to a school’s rank indicates that it meets our Equity measure by helping low-income students score at or above average on state assessments.

21. East Richland High School (#391) Olney, IL

best Illinois high schools east richland

20. Curie Metropolitan High School (#371) Chicago, IL

best Illinois high schools curie high school

19. Metea Valley High School (#358) Aurora, IL

best Illinois high schools metea valley

18. Wheaton North High School (#350) Wheaton, IL

wheaton north

*17. John Hersey High School (#331) Arlington Heights, IL

john hersey

16. Waubonsie Valley High School (#308) Aurora, IL

waubonsie  valley

*15. Adlai E. Stevenson High School (#256) Lincolnshire, IL

adlai e stevenson

14. William Fremd High School (#241) Palatine, IL

william fremd

13. Barrington High School (#239) Barrington, IL

barrington high school

12. Naperville Central High School (#217) Naperville, IL

naperville central

11. Infinity Math Science & Tech HS (#213) Chicago, IL

infinity math science and tech

10. Lake Forest High School (#145) Lake Forest, IL

lake forest high school

*9. Glenbrook South High School (#118) Glenview, IL

glenbrook south

8. Naperville North High School (#116) Naperville, IL

naperville north

*7. Lane Technical High School (#110) Chicago, IL

lane tech hs

*6. Brooks College Prep Academy HS (#88) Chicago, IL

brooks college prep

5. Egyptian Senior High School (#72) Tamms, IL

egyptian school

*4. New Trier Township HS Winnetka (#66) Northfield, IL

new trier town

*3. Jones College Prep High School (#13) Chicago, IL

jones college prep

*2. Payton College Preparatory HS (#7) Chicago, IL

payton college prep

*1. Northside College Preparatory HS (#2) Chicago, IL

northside college prep

View the schools’ average SAT scores, ACT scores, counselor-to-student ratios, and graduation rates with the interactive graph below.

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