Two governors in prison is not the whole story

Source Title: State of the State: waste, fraud, & abuse

Keeping track of corruption’s effect on Illinois government in recent years can be a daunting task. Two federal investigations alone – Operation Safe Roads and Operation Board Games – led to convictions of two governors and dozens of their associates and underlings on corruption charges from 2002 to 2012. That’s why we created a snapshot of some of the low points and effects of Illinois government corruption in its many forms.

While Rod Blagojevich brought a new level of embarrassment and outrage to the state’s age-old reputation for dishonesty in politics, he merely represented a more bombastic version of a problem that had long enjoyed a more quiet existence. A political system that rewards the connected to the exclusion of the masses breeds cynicism. It also costs real dollars -- $500 million a year by one credible assessment.

If a scorecard helps you keep things straight, we’ve got it. Take a look at the numbers. Then become a regular Reboot Illinois participant and help Illinois shed its reputation for corruption. 

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