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That’s right, The Simpsons live in Illinois. Here are 20 reasons why

Madison BondiReboot Illinois

Nov 10, 2014

The satirical, animated series, “The Simpsons,” has graced televisions for more than 25 years, making it America’s longest-running animated series and longest-running sitcom. Over all those years this show has provided viewers with lots of laughs and, surprisingly enough, education. Seriously. There are several colleges that offer a variety of Simpsons-themed courses.

While “The Simpsons” has shown us the lighter side of history, politics and pop culture, one thing they haven’t shown us is their home state. This ongoing gag has stirred up quite the tug-of-war among Simpsons fans wanting to stake their claim on being the home of the famous yellow-tinted family. In an…

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