How did your senator vote on the grand bargain budget bills?

May 17, 2017

The Illinois Senate on Wednesday called a number of bills from the grand bargain budget package for a vote, including legislation that authorizes $36.5 billion in spending for next fiscal year.

However, the revenue portion of the package — SB 9 — was not voted on and a separate bill that would have given lawmakers the power to implement the FY 18 budget failed to pass.

More from the State Journal-Register in Springfield:

The budget proposal was introduced by Assistant Republican Leader Bill Brady of Bloomington. Senate President John Cullerton of Chicago put the plan up for a vote. He urged action because of frustration over lack of progress.

The plan would spend about $1 billion less than the one Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner proposed. Democrats boasted the two sides had negotiated $3.7 billion in spending cuts.

Among the other notable moments from Wednesday’s Senate floor debate was the passage of the pension reform bill, which failed the first time it was called for a vote in February.

An overhaul of the state’s school funding formula (SB 1), which also would provide pension parity for the Chicago Teachers’ Retirement Fund, passed after a heated debate.

In response to the passage of SB 1, Gov. Bruce Rauner said in a statement: “This bill is not consistent with the framework of the bipartisan, bicameral School Funding Commission. Senator Manar abandoned our bipartisan process, departing from agreements already finalized in the commission and forcing a Chicago bailout at the expense of every other school district in the state, some of which are in worse financial straits than CPS.”

See how your senator voted on the grand bargain budget bills that were called to a vote Wednesday using the following charts:

(Note: Y = yes, N = no, P = present, NV = no vote)

Senate Bill 3 — Local government consolidation

Roll call: 37-6-13

Senate Bill 8 — State government procurement reform

Roll call: 55-2

Senate Bill 7 — Gambling expansion

Roll call: 33-24-1

Senate Bill 478 — Two-year property tax freeze

Roll call: 32-11-13 (Failed to pass because it required a three-fifths majority vote as the legislation would overrule home-rule governance in some of the state’s bigger cities)

Senate Bill 4 — $7 billion borrowing bill to pay down state debt

Roll call: 36-15-6

Senate Bill 6 — Supplemental budget that authorizes $36.5 billion in spending for FY 18

Roll call: 31-21-3

Senate Bill 42 — Budget implementation bill

Roll call: 27-24-5 (failed)

Senate Bill 1 — School funding reform

Roll call: 35-18-3

Senate Bill 16 — Pension reform

Roll call: 31-21

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