Illinois House may want to rethink voting on the budget today

Jul 06, 2017

In the last week, some fast-moving developments arrived under the cover of the long July 4 weekend.  The Illinois legislature passed bills with significant tax increases; the Illinois Governor vetoed them, and the Illinois Senate voted (barely) to override the veto. Today, the Illinois House reportedly has planned an override vote this afternoon.

The House may want to reconsider voting today.

About 200 miles northeast of Springfield, the largest (by far) municipality in the state failed to deliver its audited annual financial report by the June 30 deadline.  Today, at 9:30 am, it apparently still hasn’t been published; at least, it hasn’t been posted to the City website, and hasn’t responded to our nearly week-old request to explain why it wasn’t available.

This raises at least two possibilities, relating to the Illinois budget legislation.

The legislature may have been deliberating and passing massive fundamental financial legislation without the results in the Chicago report, which pose significant issues for the Illinois budget.

That would be bad enough, but here’s another possibility.

The legislature may have been deliberating and passing massive fundamental financial legislation, and the report (or a draft) has been circulating in and among the legislature and those closest to it – but not the citizens of Chicago, to whom the transmittal letter is addressed.

… a transmittal letter that was dated June 30 last year, the legal due date, despite that fact that it wasn’t transmitted to the citizens until almost a week later.

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