Democrats blast Rauner’s rewrite of school funding bill

Aug 03, 2017

SPRINGFIELD — The sponsor of a plan overhauling how Illinois funds schools says Gov. Bruce Rauner’s proposed changes are an “all-out assault” on public education that would mean less state spending on schools over time.

Democratic Sen. Andy Manar addressed reporters Thursday, days after the Republican governor used his veto powers to rewrite a school funding bill. The budget lawmakers approved last month requires a new formula for districts to get money this year.

Illinois’ 20-year-old calculation is widely viewed as unfair, but Republicans and Democrats disagree over changes.

Rauner’s rewrite include stripping money from Chicago schools and other revisions that mean declining enrollment districts would eventually lose money.

Rauner says it’s fair. His office plans to release its analysis next week.

The measure returns legislators, who need three-fifths votes to overrule or accept Rauner’s changes.

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