Does your child need a job? Illinois partners with Microsoft to help

Oct 02, 2017

Just when it seems there is no good news coming out of Springfield…. well, there is.  Illinois has partnered with the Internet of Things Talent Consortium (IoTTC) to provide affordable Data Science training for students of all ages.

Illinois has acknowledged it needs an Information Technology (IT) industry workforce for the future.  This new collaboration with IoTTC will provide affordable, state-of-the art online training for individuals interested in working in the Information Technology industry.

The Digital Ready Workforce Program

A Microsoft program will be a tool offered to facilitate training to all types of gender, race, and income levels.  The coursework is offered online and self-paced.

  • To receive the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science, individuals must complete 9 courses (at $49 to $99 per course) plus a Capstone project
  • Each course requires an estimated 16-32 hours of coursework. Courses include: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, Applied Machine Learning, Data Science Essentials, Developing Intelligent Applications, Essential Statistics for Data Analysis, and Implementing Predictive Solutions
  • The courses teach the core principles of Data Science, learning programming languages and Data Science tools
  • The first 500 participants in the program will receive reduced certification costs by 50% (there are currently 71 individuals registered)
  • In addition, Illinois has received a grant to provide 100 certified Data Science courses for free to inmates at the Illinois Department of Corrections.

To take a look at the coursework and sign-up, visit IoT Talent Consortium and choose the Data Science curriculum.

Future curricula include Cyber Security and other emerging information technology fields of study.

Why Did Illinois Create This Program?

According to the Illinois Competitiveness Council (“Cutting the Red Tape”), Illinois currently has 21,094 open IT jobs, which is four times the average demand rate in Illinois.  The average salary for IT positions is $86,131 per year (compared to the average salary in Illinois of $49,970).  Existing open IT jobs represent a $1.8 Billion opportunity in terms of annual salaries.

Illinois created this program to help fill the need for an Information Technology-skilled workforce for the state’s future.

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